Christa Van der Meer  is a Dutch Designer, artist and dream weaver. She is passionate about portraiture and many of her designs reflect the folkloric portraits of Dutch Villagers, whose fanciful costumes envelope the wearer, framing the face and wrapping the body with layers of tulle, lace, and richly printed cotton. The combined use of pattern and proportion is unique, and captivating, creating a whimsical dream-like, Fairy Tale collection that creates the image of young women who have mice as friends, who are followed by ducks or a gaggle of geese, who talk personally with a local scrappy dog named Winnie, who lives with her elfin owner – wise Mr Whiting. They visit regularly with the cat on the corner, and are on first name basis with the spotted cow in the medow, just beyond the Church, who gives sage advice daily to the casual passerby. They live on a diet of Stroopwaffels (Dutch crispy waffle cookies) and Speculaas (Dutch spiced cookies) and sip exotic aromatic Indonesian black tea from sugar spoons.

Christa van der Meer graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. After doing an internship at Henrik Viboskov in Copenhagen and studing at the Sweadish School of Textiles she now works to connect her portrait drawings with her fashion designs. She is an artist who has experience in different mediums, but specializes in portrait drawing. She tries to find ways to connect her portraits to her fashion designs, feeling that drawing is essential to her design process, and is the base for her collections.  She uses this source as the instrument to create a new perspective both visually and emotionally. Christa believes that faces define the identity of a person, and so she uses this intriguing factor as inspiration. She also uses fabrics and exotic prints to create collages which tell a narrative, using the materials to wrap her figures in different cultures creating a fantastic mix of global influences that come together in a story that is also story-book.