When I was young I always had interest in playing bowling but I was not allowed to. Bowling is a game which the player should at least have power to throw that ball to pass through the lane and hit the pins. The reason which made not to play it during young age is that I did not have that kind of energy. At times after joining high school I always visited bowling alleys centers located in our town. My friends used to accompany me to the bowling alleys where we used to go to play bowling. It was always fun and we had great times.

After completing high school, I was enrolled in a college which was very far from my home town. The new town which I was staying didn’t have any bowling alleys centers. They only had different sports such as chess which I never had interest in playing. Most of the time I spent in that college was just playing video games with my new friends. But I wasn’t there for long before we were released to go for summer holidays.

The first thing when I arrived at my home town was to invite my best friends at my place. They all came to welcome me back. One of my friends suggested that since we are all together again we should plan to go to play bowling on one of the weekends because it was our best sport. All of us agreed that we should play bowling the following Saturday.

On Friday all of us gathered at one of my friend’s house and after some search and guides (link1, link2) decided that we should go to do shopping. This was to acquire bowling shoes so that we can play the game smoothly. Bowling shoe is very important for people who like to play bowling because it has been designed with rubber soles that allow easy movement through the bowling alley. Bowling alleys have been made with bawling lanes that allow ball to pass through and hit the targets. The targets which must be hit are always the pins which are located at the end of the lanes and they are usually ten in number.

So on Saturday we set off towards the bowling alley so that we can have fun and play bowl. We agreed with each other that the person who plays and comes out the king will be given $10. Each one of us had carried their bowling shoe and was ready to play. I was the first to throw the ball but I only hit six pins which was just a try. My three other friends played and they tied by hitting seven pieces each of them. We had to repeat for the second time so that we can have a winner. All of us threw for the second time and one of my friends became a winner by hitting all the ten pins. We gave him the money and we were all happy since we had a good time and we also had a lot of fun.

According to Curator Karen Van Godtsenhoven the importance of feathers in fashion dates back over centuries, but seems to have grown in prominence when Elizabeth I wore them woven into garments and accessories, and carried them as fans. They were also popular at the French Court where they were often used as hair ornaments, decorated hats, fans, capes, and cloaks. They became more widely used in the 19th century as the civilized world expanded. With new and exotic areas of the globe being annexed, and added to the British Empire, Victorian explorers discovered new species of wild animals and birds that they never knew existed, and they began to collect their findings bringing them back to England. As a result taxidermy became the rage, and animals and birds of all sorts, and species, were brought back to civilization to be stuffed and put on display, or placed under glass domes and bell jars, becoming personal parlor exhibits for the cultured and accomplished.

The trend expanded to fashion as the women of the era showed off their exotic feathered accessories as a sign of status, wealth, luxury, and opulence. No woman of means ever went out without a hat, and those hats were most often decorated or finished with feathers and plumes. Sometimes entire birds appeared, stuffed, with their wings spread wide, and their tails standing tall or trailing as they were perfectly perched on the brim. or crown of an important hat. It was so ubiquitous a feature of the feminine wardrobe that many bird species were decimated by the trend. “It’s funny to think, but the idea of animal rights in some ways started with these hats because some birds ended up as protected species” said Karen Van Godtsenhoven.