Most designers are influenced by an individual, an icon, an artist or a historical figure that represents what they are thinking that fashion means at the time. Ximon Lee was influenced by the a trip to Russia that led him to realize the cross cultural influences there. Because of that his graduate collection had tendencies that included elements from Russia’s outskirts , Mongolia, China, and Nepal as these are the influences that exist in clothing worn by the children in Suburban Russia. Oversized and ill fitting clothes that are basically “found” by these street children become an inspiration for Ximon, who further breaks them down wiping away all traditional lines, executing the collection in a completely contemporary way.

Mr. Lee’s full name is Simon Dongxing Lee and he has interned for Calvin Klein and Philip Lim. However his own collection has nothing to do with traditional sportswear and instead makes a completely unique statement that challenges the very notion of modern menswear. “The unintentional styles of street children near suburban Moscow is a main focus. Oversized, ill-fitted and layered clothes on these orphans are keys to survive  in cold Russian winter. However, the unexpected mixture of materials and the contrast between synthetic and organic textures from these found clothes are pieces of art and love. Based on the idea of oversized clothes on homeless children, Ximon deconstructed and re-patterned many garments from the Salvation Army. Different ways of sandwiching/bonding fabrics as well as constructing with found materials such as trash bags and cardboards are also explored during the development. “